Concierge Tagging Service

Too busy to consign? Perhaps our Concierge Tagging Service may be of help.

Concierge Tagging Consignors receive 40% of the sale price of the item.  There is an additional $20 fee to cover hangers, card stock, toner, and taggers (taken out of check).  Spots are very limited.

We are offering Concierge Tagging spots for drop-offs beginning Monday, April 13  and going through Friday, June 26, 2020.  These spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Register for the sale
  • Visit the drop-off schedule and choose a date. All appointments are for a particular week (ex: "April 13" is actually for the week of April 13-19 ) ; we will be in contact with you a few days before your appointed week for drop-off to determine the exact day and time for you to drop off.
  • Gather your items and check them all for seasonality, stains, odors, defects, and currency.  Shine up the shoes, clean up the toys, and make sure everything is organized.  Anything battery-operated must have working batteries.
  • Place “like” items together, sorted by gender/size.  Stack each clothing group flat in a box  (please, no plastic bins). Items MUST be organized or will not be accepted.
  • Additional charges: $1 fee per battery for missing/dead batteries; $.25 fee per item that is unacceptable (stained, broken, defective; the first 10 items are free, beyond those grace items the fee will apply and be deducted from the check).
  • Items MUST be dropped off on your appointed day (again, we will contact you a few days prior to the week you chose to determine exact date and time).  When you drop off the items, we will go over prices, discount options, and donate/no donate options.
  • I will enter, price, tag, hang, store, transport, and put your items on the sales floor for you.
  • Unsold items must be picked up from the sale location after the conclusion of the sale (unless you choose to donate unsold items).
  • Items we do not accept (seasonality, condition, category, etc.) will be donated UNLESS the Concierge Consignor waits while items are all inspected, at which time they may take back any unaccepted items. We are unable to hold unaccepted items. Please be sure the items you bring are on our Accepted List and in appropriate condition!
  • Checks will be mailed within 10 business days of the conclusion of the sale.  Again, Concierge Consignors receive 40% of the sale price, and the additional $20 fee will be deducted from the check. Concierge Consignors can Crew with us to earn up to 10% more.

Remember, Concierge Consignors receive the same Early Shopping privileges as our regular Consignors.  They are also eligible to earn up to 10% more by being on our Crew.