For Consignors

A Note About Transferring Items from Previous Treasure Chest Sales:

Did you know that if you put an item in a previous TTCS and the item didn't sell, that you can "Transfer" that item from your inactive inventory to THIS sale and you don't have to re-tag? HOWEVER: the top of each tag has a title.  All tags MUST say Spring 2019, Fall 2019,  Spring 2020 Fall 2020, or Spring 2021.  We are not accepting any tags without these headings.  Any new tag entered after November 8 will have Spring 2021 at the top. Inbox me for more info.

Consignors keep 65% of items sold.

Early Shopping Privileges: consignors automatically shop early on Wednesday, March 24 as early as 3pm.

Consignor Registration: opens Sunday, November 8.  All consignors must have their own consignor number. See below for Sale Guidelines.


Sale Guidelines

  • Fees – there is a $15 consignor fee due at registration via Paypal. Registration is not complete until payment is made. The $15 registration fee is non-refundable.


  • Commission – consignors keep 65% of the sale price. Consignors who Crew may keep up to 75% of the sales price.


  • Drop-Off/Pick-Up – consignors must sign-up for a drop-off time. Appointments are necessary as all items are carefully inspected for stains, rips, tears, stuck zippers, missing buttons, odors,  etc. If a consignor does not choose to donate their unsold items, they must be picked up at the conclusion of the sale (Sunday, March 28 between 6pm and 9pm).


  • Online Tagging – we use for our online tagging system and do not use any other systems.  We do not accept hand-written tags. Items must be entered online and tags must be printed through the system.


  • Earnings – payment will be mailed to consignors within 10 business days of the end of the sale.


  • Discount – the last day of the sale, selected items are discounted by 50%. Any items that you wish to discount on the last day of the sale should be noted when you are entering your items. Discount must be noted in the system and on the tag; remember that for most items, it is easier to allow a discount than to take it home, store, re-tag, and bring back next year!


  • Donate – please consider donating unsold items. Local organizations that distribute items to families in need and raise funds for various charities receive all donations.   Simply check the “Donate” box as you enter your items. When the sale ends, items marked “Donate” will be gathered and picked up by the participating charity organizations.


  • If any changes are made in AFTER the tag has been printed, then a NEW tag must be printed.  The bar code reflects what is in the system, so if you change something, it will not ring up properly and may cost you a sale.


  • Lost Tags/Unmarked Items – inevitably, items are separated from their tags. We will make every effort to reunite the tag with their item. When you pick up your items, be sure to check the “Untagged” rack for items of yours that may have been separated from their tag.


  • Recalls – please check US Gov Recall Page  for information about items that have been recalled. It is illegal to sell recalled items.


  • All items sold at The Treasure Chest sale are “As-Is” with no implied or express warranties. Items are not owned by The Treasure Chest, but by individual consignors. No refunds or exchanges; all sales final. Please inspect items before purchasing. We are not responsible for items that become lost or damaged during sale.