Spring 2019

**Important Updates:

  • We now are accepting Like-New small appliances - you will be asked to demonstrate that it works at drop-off
  • Adult Clothing Limits: 30 women's hanging items; 15 men's hanging items; NO ladies previously-worm swimwear will be accepted
  • Adult Clothing: we are NO LONGER limiting brands! But all items MUST meet our guidelines set forth below
  • No Infant Bathtubs (new federal guidelines)
  • Any item that is purchased but returned by a shopper due to defect or missing pieces will be refunded and redacted from consignors sales; consignor will also be charged a $20 defect fee. We want our shoppers to know that they can trust us!
  • Stuffed/Plush Toys: we are now accepting stuffed/plush toys that are in immaculate, like-new condition! Avoid bringing the tiny claw-machine plushes or thin/poorly made plushes.
  • As always, owner discretion will be used for final decisions on accepted/unaccepted items.

General Information:

  • All items must be spring or summer items! Please no coats, corduroy, heavy, wool, or other clothing that would be more suitable for cooler weather.  We will accept lightweight pants and long-sleeved shirts, though they may be held in the back until floor space opens up during sale week. Spring/Summer decor is accepted.
  • All items must be in good shape! No stains, tears, rips, broken zippers, missing buttons, odors, or other flaws. Items will be inspected before they are placed on the sales floor. Unaccepted items will be returned to consignor.
  • All items must be current! Check the styles, the fabrics, the cut. Remember that shoppers are looking for items that are stylish, not out-dated. If you have a middle-schooler, please don’t consign the clothes they wore as a toddler!

Children’s Specialty Items:

  • there is a big demand for high-end names and trunk show brands. The resale value is very good on these items. We will have a special “Boutique” section for those items. View our “Boutique” list by clicking on the link to the left.

Monogrammed Clothing:

  • we will accept monogrammed clothing with one initial or name; no 3 initial monogrammed items please.

Adult Clothing/Shoes/Accessories:

  • Due to space limitations, we have very strict guidelines for Adult Clothing. Please bring only your VERY BEST pieces!
  • All adult clothing MUST be less than 5 years old.  Inside the tag of Gap, Old Navy, J Crew, Banana Republic, and some others, you will find the date of manufacture.  If there is no date, please use your very best judgement.  Final decisions will be made by our inspectors.
  • Consignors are limited to 30 Women's Clothing Items and 15 Men's Clothing Items. This is entirely due to space, and to encourage consignors to bring their BEST items!
  • We are NO LONGER limiting brands! However, all items MUST meet the guidelines above in terms of condition (like-new) and age (less than 5 years old).
  • Shoes - must be in LIKE NEW condition - no scuffs, tears, worn heels, or scratches
  • Accessories - belts, scarves, ties, briefcases
  • Jewelry
  • Handbags and Wallets - must be in LIKE NEW condition - no scuffs, tears, scratches, broken zippers or buttons - must be current

Home Decor/Furnishings:

  • Home decor must also meet the quality requirements, and be current.
  • Please make sure items are dusted and cleaned before dropping off. Contact Us if you plan to consign larger pieces of furniture.
  • We are now accepting "electrical" items - things with cords (we previously have only accepted lamps in this category). Items must be in good working condition (consignors will be asked to demonstration that the item works at drop-off).
  • Consider Consigning:
    • Furniture (contact us if you plan to consign a large piece so we may make appropriate space for it)
    • Seasonal Items - Easter decor, patriot decor, spring styles
    • Home Decor - picture frames, decorative pillows, baskets, wreaths, knick knacks (please limit glass items, as they are low-sellers and they are fragile), lamps, lamp shades, book ends
    • Linens - complete bedding ensembles, curtains, BRAND NEW sheets or towels (no previously used sheets or towels will be accepted unless part of a bedding set)
    • Bath - shower curtains (no liners), shower curtain rings, bath sets
    • Framed Artwork
    • Large coffee table books
    • Yard decor - flags, ornaments, swings, rocking chairs, etc.


  • All kitchen items must be immaculately clean and in like-new condition!
  • We are now taking small appliances (waffle irons, mixers, blenders, toaster ovens, etc.); these small appliances MUST be in Like-New Condition, with no trace of use on them! Consignors will be asked to demonstrate that they work at drop-off.
  • Consider consigning:
    • Specialty brands such as Pampered Chef and Tupperware
    • Baking pans and dishes
    • Cutlery
    • Cookbooks
    • Cake Molds
    • Table linens


  • Supplies for knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, painting and other tools used in home hobbies
  • Books and magazines for home crafts/hobbies

Baby Items:

  • Gear - baby carriers, bassinets/cribs (must not be on the recall list), high chairs, booster seats, exersaucers, changing tables, bouncy seats, jumperoos, pack-n-plays, IMMACULATE potties, rocking chairs/gliders, strollers, swings, walkers, etc.
  • Feeding - bottles/rings (no used nipples), bottle warmers, breast pumps/accessories, bibs, bowls, spoons/forks, sippy cups, etc.
  • Diapering/bath - diaper bags, diaper genies/pails, cloth diapers, unopened disposable diapers/wipes, wipe warmers, NEW, UNOPENED bath/diapering products (powders, washes, shampoos, etc.), bath toys, etc.  NO infant bath tubs due to new federal regulations.
  • Nursery - decor, crib sets, baby monitors. etc.
  • Safety Gates and other safety gear
  • Infant accessories - blankets, mittens,

Baby/Kids Items

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Accessories - bodysuits, socks, tights, hair clips/bows, ties, belts, etc.
  • Swimwear, beach towels, beach/pool toys, goggles, etc.
  • Toys
    • Indoor Toys - all must be working and complete
    • Ride-On Toys
    • Bikes, scooters, trikes, etc.
    • Big Toys like Little Tikes, Step One, play houses, kitchens, work benches, etc.
    • Outdoor play equipment
    • Play mats/gyms
    • Wagons, bike pull-behinds, etc.
  • Furniture - toy bins, toddler beds, dressers, etc.

Family Fun:

  • Books - everything from board books to kids novels to DIY to cook books to John Grisham; please, no "Rated R" type books
  • DVDs - infant, kids, family; nothing rated R or beyond; please leave unrated TV series box sets (Game Of Thrones, etc.) at home!
  • Video Games
    • PC and all other game platforms -
    • Video Game Consoles - MUST BE IN WORKING CONDITION
    • Video Game Accessories (controllers, chargers, figures, carrying cases, etc.)
  • CDs
  • Board Games - ALL pieces must be included
  • Puzzles - from board puzzles to 1000+ jigsaws, all pieces MUST be included


  • Homeschool Books
  • Textboooks - must be published in the last 3 years
  • Electronic Educational Toys
    • LeapFrog, Tag, Leapster, LeapPad, etc.
    • Cartridges/books
    • Accessories - chargers, carrying cases, pens, etc.
  • School Uniforms

Items we do NOT accept:

  • car seats
  • infant bath tubs
  • outdated/damaged clothing and shoes
  • underwear of any kind (unless new in original package)
  • VHS/cassette tapes
  • toys/games/puzzles with missing pieces
  • stuffed animals that are not immaculate
  • home electronics (TV’s, PC’s, laptops, cameras etc.)
  • large appliances (refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, ceiling fans, etc.)
  • common household items (cleaning products, sheets and towels that are not new in original packaging, office supplies, personal care items, etc.)
  • No Christmas/Thanksgiving/Halloween/Winter/Fall  decor/clothing for the Spring sale. Save those items for the fall.

If you have questions about an item, please contact us.